KnowAbout Norwood, Ontario

Asphodel–Norwood is a township municipality in Peterborough County in Central Ontario, Canada. It has an approximate population of 4,109. The land on which the township is situated was the traditional territory of the Mississauga, and became open to European colonization following its survey in 1820. The site that would become Norwood was settled in 1823, and it was incorporated as a village in 1878. The township, in its current form, was created in 1998 by the reunification of the village of Norwood with the surrounding township of Asphodel. Norwood has a modern single pad arena, a baseball diamond, a skateboard park, a children's splash pad and a playground. The high school has soccer, rugby and football pitches. Norwood currently is home to the Norwood Vipers an OHA Sr. A hockey team. The town hockey teams are referred to as the Norwood Hornets. Norwood has four schools in three buildings. Norwood District Public School (elementary), St. Paul's Elementary School (Catholic), Norwood Intermediate Public School (grade 8) and Norwood District High School. Norwood intermediate is now a wing of the High school.




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